The Team360 Process

Step 1 – Analysis of your circumstances:

Understanding how you use energy and what the specific circumstances of your home is the first critical step; we use the following process in assessing your needs:

  1. Review your last four electricity bills.
  2. Complete the personal review questionnaire.
  3. Visually check your electrical switchboard.
  4. Review the location of your meter.
  5. Asses the orientation of your home.
  6. Asses the viable space at the most optimal orientation for your energy system.
  7. Check any OH&S and access issues.
  8. What government rebates apply.

Step 2 – Which system type suits your needs:

Our unique supply chain means we have a full range of products across three levels of pricing and in every size. All our products have fully supported warranty and have been specifically chosen for their quality and performance.

  • Silver range, This package includes a high performance solar panels of 250W or 190W manufactured in China, 25 year performance warranty. Our silver inverter is manufactured with genuine components that have been specifically balanced to Australian conditions.
  • Gold range, This range also includes high performance solar panels in 250W or 190W configuration, the quality of the connectors is improved from our silver range and the inverter we use in the gold package is manufactured in Europe.
  • Platnium range, No expense spared, the package includes high performance solar panels manufactured in Europe, of 230W they look terrific as does the matching European inverter.

All our systems are installed to the highest standards the cable, enclosures and accessories we use are often the benchmark in the Australian market.

Step 3 – Defining your options:

Because our members have taken the time to assess your circumstances they can ensure that your quote is accurate. A Team360 member will provide you a written quote based on the assessment process, confirming which system type you have chosen and taking into account the return on investment criteria you defined.

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